mow the lawnWelcome to Lawnmowers Reviewed! A tidy, beautiful lawn has long been a status symbol. In the 16th century, European aristocrats maintained well manicured lawns around English and French castles. These lawns served a practical purpose–it’s hard to sneak up on an enemy without any cover to hide behind.

Lawns were first maintained by animals and eventually, the very rich, could hire manual labor to get out there and use a scythe to keep those big lawns looking good. Only the richest of folks could afford a huge, well manicured lawn. During the Industrial Revolution, the lawn mower was invented, developed by Edwin Budding in 1830, making it easier for regular people to mow their lawns. People were moving out of cities and into countrysides to get a little piece of their own parklands, and you guessed it–lawns.

In suburbia lawns are de rigueur and they need maintenance. Today’s lawns are still a status symbol of sorts and they enhance your quality of life by contributing to community pride, increasing property values, providing a place for kids and pets to play, and complimenting other landscape plants.

I can help you go from status quo to high status with the right lawn mower and lawn maintenance tips.

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